Forests, Beetles, and the Cycles of Life

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Colorado’s Forests and the Pine Beetle Epidemic rx


Mountain Pine Beetle Documentary marley generics sildenafil

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The Black Hills and the Mountain Pine Beetle click here

The Pine Beetle Project

Mountain Pine Beetle and Forest Carbon in British Columbia

The Beetles are Coming: Pine Beetle Destroys British Columbia Forests

The Beetles are Coming takes the viewer on a rich, up close and personal journey into the world of the Mountain Pine Beetle, and uncovers the science behind this ecological disaster. The story of this remarkable little creature the size of a grain of rice that will destroy the pine forests of North America epitomizes the cause and effect of how climate change can upset the balance of nature with unpredictable, unimaginable, devastating results. Forest officials scrambled to contain the damage. Once the lodgepole pines turned red they burned with a ferocious intensity. That combined with hot summers, created the ideal conditions for raging out-of-control forest fires. Industry began logging the infected trees in attempt to clear the forest and capitalize on the economic value of the timber. At considerable expense, forestry officials in B.C. and Alberta began marking and burning infested trees to control the spread but found it impossible to keep up.





  • Bob Raynolds (DMNS)
  • Ka Chun Yu (DMNS)
  • Healy Hamilton (NatureServe)


  • Dr. Bob Raynolds (DMNS)
  • Dr. Ka Chun Yu (DMNS)
  • Dr. Healy Hamilton (NatureServe)

Science Advisors

  • Healy Hamilton (NatureServe)
  • Bob Raynolds (DMNS)
  • Ka Chun Yu (DMNS)

GIS & Visualizations

  • Cynthia Powell
  • Ka Chun Yu
  • Lydia Hooper
  • Ned Gardiner
  • Healy Hamilton

Production Coordination

  • Kathi Koontz

Technical Support

  • Ka Chun Yu
  • Greg Mancari


  • Colorado School of Mines: Reed Maxwell and team
  • Colorado State Climatologist: Nolan Doeskin, Noah Newman
  • Colorado State Forest Service, Granby District: Ron Cousineau
  • Colorado State University: Dr. Jason Sibold
  • Colorado State University Rocky Mountain Research Station: Ron Hubbard
  • Databasin: Tosha Comendant and Tara Starr Marvin
  • National Park Service, Intermountain Regional Office: David Vana-Miller
  • Natureserve: Regan Smyth, Ricky White, and Lori Scott
  • Rocky Mountain National Park: Ron Thomas, Doug Watry, and Jeff Connor
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Kawuneech Visitors Center: Andrew Redman, Sharon Teal
  • USFS, Lakewood, Region 2: Brian Howell
  • USFS Sulphur Ranger District: Craig Magwire
  • University of Colorado, Boulder: Teresa Chapman
  • University of Idaho: Arjan Meddens, Jeff Hicke
  • World Resources Institute: Susan Minnemeyer, Robin Kraft, and James Anderson