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Storyboard & Script


Data Sources levitra prezzo in farmacia

Keeping the Great Lakes Great more

Incredible by Any Measure… the Great Lakes canadian pharmacies online

Great Lakes Water Battle


Freshwater Seas: The Great Lakes

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Modeling Pollution in the Great Lakes

WWF: Virtual Water: Change the Way You Think About Everything

Good: Water

WWF: The Importance of Water

NASA / USGS | LANDSAT: A Space Age Water Guide

Water specialists Rick Allen, Bill Kramber and Tony Morse have created an innovative satellite-based method that maps agricultural water consumption. The team uses Landsat thermal band data to measure the amount of water evaporating from the soil and transpiring from plants leaves. Evapotranspiring water absorbs energy, so farm fields consuming more water appear cooler in the thermal band. The Landsat observations provide an objective way for water managers to assess on a field-by-field basis how much water agricultural growers are using. Landsat is a joint program of NASA and the US Geological Survey.

Good: Drinking Water

Celebrate World Water Day!

Good Transparency: Water Conservation

Thirsty? So is everyone else. We’re headed for a water shortage. Here’s how simple daily choices can reduce your water use. A GOOD Transparency video.

Great Lakes


National Level Water Data

Great-Lakes Specific Resources



  • Large Lakes Observatory
    • Located on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota, the Large Lakes Observatory (LLO) is the only institute in the country dedicated to the study of large lakes throughout the world. We focus on the global implications of our investigations in the areas of aquatic chemistry, circulation dynamics, geochemistry, acoustic remote sensing, plankton dynamics, sedimentology and paleoclimatology.
  • NOAA and the Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research
    • Programs studying different stressors and external sources in the Great Lakes in order to better understand and identify the worst of the culprits and to determine sound solutions based upon their data.  Some of these programs include Ecological Forecasting, Impacts of Multiple Stressors, Harmful Algae Blooms, and Invasive Species research.
  • Huron River Watershed Council
    • Founded in 1965, the Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) is southeast Michigan’s oldest environmental organization dedicated to river protection.   The Huron River Watershed Council works to inspire attitudes, behaviors, and economies to protect, rehabilitate, and sustain the Huron River System.
  • National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center
    • Since 1982, the Great Lakes Regional Center has been a leader in protecting the Great Lakes for the wildlife and humans that depend on this invaluable resource.
  • The Nature Conservancy: Great Lakes – Protecting the World’s Largest Freshwater Ecosystem
    • Aquatic invasive Species (AIS), cost businesses and consumers in the Great Lakes region hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Meanwhile, state and federal governments are currently forced to spend additional millions as they attempt to control the impacts and prevent the spread of AIS, according to a new report by Anderson Economic Group (AEG), commissioned and released by The Nature Conservancy. Download a PDF of the full report.




  • Matt Linke (UMMNH)


  • Matt Linke (UMMNH)
  • Dr. Ka Chun Yu (DMNS)
  • Dr. David McConville (The Elumenati)
  • Dr. Healy Hamilton (NatureServe)
  • Dr. Ned Gardiner (NOAA)

GIS & Visualizations

  • Dr. Healy Hamilton (NatureServe)
  • Lydia Hooper
  • Cynthia Powell (CalFlora)
  • Dr. Ned Gardiner (NOAA)
  • Dr. Ka Chun Yu (DMNS)

Creative Direction

  • David McConville (The Elumenati)

Production Coordination

  • Kathi Koontz (CAS)

Technical Support

  • Greg Mancari (DMNS)
  • Ka Chun Yu (DMNS)


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